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Principal Engineer/Geologist/Hydrogeologist

Brian is a Principal at ICE with over 30 years of experience, primarily in Washington State. He has planned and completed hundreds of site exploration programs as a basis for developing geotechnical design parameters for public and private sector projects. With a thorough understanding of site conditions and agency requirements, he effectively evaluates geotechnical design options. In addition to his expertise in geotechnical engineering issues associated with soil, rock and groundwater conditions, he has developed an expertise in dealing with steep slope, landslide and coal mine hazards.


Brian is a member of the Association of Engineering Geologists and American Society of Civil Engineers. He is a past member of the Washington State Geologist Licensing Board.




IN HIS SPARE TIME, HE ENJOYS:  Mountain biking, climbing, hiking, chopping wood, yoga, fishing, hunting and just being outside in general!


FUN FACTS ABOUT BRIAN:  He can french braid hair and knit. He learned how to knit from a Navy Seal with three purple hearts and two tours of Vietnam!