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Howard A. Hanson Dam

Location: King County, Washington | Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

0717002.Howard A. Hanson Dam.jpg

ICE provided up to three licensed Geologists to monitor drilling (sonic and percussion drill sampling) of exploratory drill holes for the installation of vertical and horizontal drains in the right abutment of the US Army Corps of Engineers Howard A. Hanson Dam on the Green River in east King County. The purpose of the drilling was to install permanent dewatering wells designed to lower the short- and long-term groundwater levels within the right abutment during high pool conditions. ICE’s Geologists prepared a detailed boring log for each drain location using USACE standards and protocol. Our Geologists evaluated soil and bedrock characteristics and a means to understand the geologic history of the right abutment materials (pre-historic landslide deposits). Soil samples were obtained by our Geologists for grain size analysis testing. ICE also provided a licensed Geotechnical Engineer and Hydrogeologist for designing the drains.


This design involved evaluation of the grain size laboratory results, review of field (boring) log results and geologic interpretation of site conditions for developing the appropriate well screen and filter pack.

Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Location: Bellevue, Washington | Owner: City of Bellevue

0860001.Bellevue Botanical Garden 2.jpg

ICE provided geotechnical engineering services for two proposed pedestrian bridges at remote sites within the Bellevue Botanical Garden. The project included design of two timber bridges, including a 140-foot span suspension bridge and a 70-foot span truss bridge, as well as construction of the suspension bridge. In order to evaluate subsurface conditions at the bridge abutment/anchor sites, ICE subcontracted with Geologic Drill Explorations to operate “robot” mini-track drill equipment that was able to use existing trails for the approach, then successfully maneuvered in difficult terrain to access the drill sites. ICE evaluated the stability of steep slopes in the vicinity of the bridge abutments and provided recommendations for maintaining slope stability. ICE also provided recommendations for earthwork including stripping and excavation of unsuitable soils, fill compaction and subgrade preparation requirements, and suitability of on-site soils for use in structural fills including an evaluation of the effects of weather and/or construction equipment on the workability of site soils, and recommendations for foundation and ground anchor design, including passive pressures and drainage considerations.

East Lake Sammamish Trail Master Plan - North, South and Issaquah Segments

Location: Sammamish and Issaquah, Washington | Owner: King County

0105007.East Lake Sammamish Trail.jpg

ICE has provided geotechnical engineering services for design and construction of three segments of King County’s East Lake Sammamish Trail Master Plan project since 2012. The trail is being widened to 16 feet (12-foot paved surface and 2-foot shoulders).  While the existing trail right-of-way is relatively wide (50 to 100 feet), wetland areas and steep slopes (including the road embankment for East Lake Sammamish Parkway in local areas), along with other local modifications (landscape walls, driveways, etc.) within the right-of-way by adjacent property owners, limit the space needed to accomplish the trail widening. The trail follows a former rail line that is between and parallels East Lake Sammamish Parkway SE and the Lake Sammamish waterfront.

Proposed Harvest Unit Evaluations

Location: Various Locations | Owner: Hancock Forest Management


ICE has evaluated over 200 proposed harvest units (PHUs) for Hancock Forest Management (HFM) in support of Forest Practices Applications (FPAs). These evaluations, including geologic, hydrogeologic and geotechnical services, have been completed within the Snoqualmie, White River and Cathlamet area Tree Farms in King, Snohomish, Pierce, Lewis and Wahkiakum Counties. ICE has completed watershed analysis for mass wasting and surface erosion assessment and Prescriptions for PHUs within the Tolt, Griffin and Tokul Watershed Administrative Units. We have evaluated potentially unstable slopes and landforms within the Tree Farms consistent with Forest Practice Rules.
ICE has also assisted HFM in road design, bridge/culvert crossing design and road decommissioning design.


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